"Lettuce be your grower."
"The only way veggies are suppose to taste."

How we grow..
So many folks ask is this organic? Yes!! & No!! We grow organically but no, we are not organic certified. We grow our produce without the use of

 any synthic chemicals and fertilizers. All the products that we do use are OMRI certified. We aim to bring you the cleanest, most nutitious veggies

possible for you and your family!

Now delivering orders Thursday
to McPherson...
or pick-up on farm !
Tin Roof Panty / Coffee Shed in Galva, and Cornerstone Market in Inman carries our Salad Mix, almost year round - (weather permitting during the winter months)
So your options of getting our products are : Market in Wichita on Saturday, Salad Mix in Inman or Galva, and then we have a online store!! Sign up for a Email each week and you will be takin to our Online Store... Each week it will be updated to have the products that we have available and you will be able to order and choose a pick up location! On the Farm or McPherson on Thursday's or in Wichita on Saturaday! You pick out, you pay and pick up when it suits you!! It's just the neatest option for you .. :)
Where to find us at Market...

Where are we.. most of the time we are at the

farm seeding, weeding and tending to the produce

growing. On the weekend, Saturdays April through

Dec. you will find us at Old Town Farm and Art

Market in Wichita.

Inman, Kansas

    Come to the Farm..

That's right... Come see us!! Want to see the farm? Know where your produce is grown? We

would love to show you arourd the farm. Give us a call to set up a appointment or stop in

each Thursday when we have our farm store open from 9am - 6pm.